CoreDump : Meet Phil Collins.

3 min readOct 22, 2020

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies. In this episode Monitor-Tabby returns to host the show, and he is rather silent these days, while we really coax him to share on all the horrors he has witnessed as a homeless wandering tabby!

Gecko: Was it really total dementia, that made you forget your home?

Monitor-Tabby: Just a disorientation, in your world and I forgot my secret way back to monitor country, lost for a while, remembering, Phil Collins and Another Day In Paradise, I hate to say it, but she does exist, that girl in the song with blisters on her feet, each blister in race, is one of the women here? Now what kind of paradise can any race of humans be, if it is based on edema?

Gecko: Reminds me of Utopia by Amazon, so there is no Utopia, not even in Monitor-Country, reminds me of Mr Rabbit. Wonder if all this edema thing is deliberate. I think it is more like another day in hell for everyone.

Monitor-Tabby: We cats are the outdoors kind and can really stop by any home for a nights rest and a good meal, there is always hospitality for us. But people, they may be at high risk , given how maladopted and unnatural they are, maybe the high risk need the warmth and food, so readily offered to us, even if we are smelly. If you do find a smelly cat, you just bathe it, why are humans so mean to each other, I spent months reflecting and realized the Noahadites are right, they have not evolved yet and maybe pets and machines are really the link in evolution, we exist just to evolve humans to there, that point when they are humane and natural!

Hobbes: I was on the homeless census team with the Trio, while we were trying to discover new data structures to register the high risk individuals, we developed a seamless segmentation, ‘by the look of things’, it had many false positives, but we soon got it going, so we stopped and directed people to a food shelf nearby. Now food shelves are the only shopping experience like Amazon Go, no checkouts and no queues, just a simple app or no app and a simple shopping experience, rationed food, but the freedom to choose what you need, to reduce wastage, Dr Bheemaiah is working on adding a karma counter to this to reduce food wastage, people can donate surplus and earn good karma points, which translate to good deals on possibly Amazon purchases!

Lisa: I saw a crying baby with a teen mother, they said they had not eaten for days, and were so happy to receive food assistance, there is such a stigma to going to a food shelf, that most people would rather starve and die off in solitude, than go near one, so Dr Bheemaiah is thinking of calling them Amazon Go Like stores, with Amazon’s technology, we at CoreDump hope to someday make such stores, with donations, freebies and basics available, maybe with Amazon’s help and also sell the normal Go store inventory. In a preliminary study we found, it helps people recuperate and they do return to shop, so it also is indirectly better marketing!

Hobbes: I am a Tsar again!




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